A new harvest of “The Fruits Kingdom” Fukushima Prefecture’s specialty fruits from Fukushima OUSE WINERY.

“Fukushima OUSE WINERY (hereafter “OW”)” was established in October 2015 for the six sector industrialization, or agricultural diversification, of fruit farming. Namely, we are aiming to combine the functions of the primary sector(farming), secondary sector (farm products processing), and tertiary sector (distribution and sales) of local specialty fruits produced in Fukushima Pref.

OW, equipped with both brewing and distilling facilities, is located at a mountain hem in a quiet countryside, right in between the Koriyama train station and the Lake Inawashiro. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons at the site, such as wild cherry-blossoms in spring and yellow-colored leaves of beech trees in autumn. 

OW has been striving daily with the spirit of “Supporting the local farmers who have started challenging the cultivation of grapes for wine from scratch, as well as expanding the potential of delicious white peaches, Japanese pears, and apples produced in Fukushima Pref., the Fruits Kingdom”. 

Locally grown specialty fruits “ripen” once again in the form of wine, brandy, and liqueur, which will lead to create the future of Fukushima Pref.

OW will pave a new path for agriculture in Fukushima Pref. together with fruits farmers.

OW has been installed not only with brewing equipment to produce wine, but also a distiller to produce brandy and liqueur. 

OW’s goal is to become a new symbol of Fukushima Pref.’s recovery from the disastrous earthquake in 2011, hoping not only for local people to enjoy gathering here for relaxation, but also for people from all over Japan and the World to visit here for various interactions. 


Name General Incorporated Association Fukushima OUSE WINERY
Estabulished May 1st 2015
Name of Representaive Koki Kawauchi , Representative Director
Address Goushigoushi 2, Ousemachi Tadano, Koriyama-Shi, Fukushima 963-0213
Contact Information 0120-320307(10:00-17:00)


Still Wine, Sparkling Wine

Wine made from Fukushima’s specialty fruits


Craft Fruit Liqueur

Craft fruit liqueur with craft fruit brandy base.