Vin de Ollage

Still Wine


“Vin de Ollage”, the first “Koriyama wine” brewed from grapes harvested only in Koriyama City, is named after the Fukushima dialect “O-ra-ge”, which means “My Home”, hoping for this wine becoming a product which local people can proudly recommend to the rest of the World as “Wine from My Home”.

The straight center line in the label symbolizes the historical waterway “Asakasosui Canal”, a designated “Japan Heritage”, which was constructed by the pioneers for modernization to open up the future of Koriyama.
The hoes in the emblem symbolize both those pioneers and the farmers of Koriyama who have challenged starting from scratch to produce grapes for wine. The combined 6 hoes also symbolize a windmill, implying wind necessary for growing good quality grapes as well as tail wind for propelling new agriculture.

Vin de Ollage Rouge 2019

A blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and black queen.
It features an aroma like cassis or plum, sharp sourness and smooth tannin.

Alcohol:12% Vol. Bottles Produced: 6400

Vin de Ollage Chardonnay 2019

100% Chardonnay
It features a citrusy aroma of lime. You can enjoy the soft sourness and the fresh flavor.

Alcohol:11% Vol. Bottles Produced: 5200

*The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden for persons under the age of 20. Drinking and driving is prohibited.
*Drinking by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers may be harmful to the growth of fetus and infant.
*Drink in moderation. Recycle after drinking.